Materials develop techonology

With the development of Industy 4.0, automation is deeply applied in each industry. Materials used for electronic&semiconductor, are at the forefront of innnovation. Saint-Gobain Ceramic Materials collaborate closely with customers to develop the innovative solutions for technology development.


Saint-Gobain's Boron Nitride group is the leading supplier of solid planar diffusion sources (PDS) to the semiconductor industry, used for doping silicon wafers. In fact, PDS Products are used by more than 150 semiconductor device manufacturers in 17 countries. PDS Products are preferred for use in applications requiring a high concentration of dopant, to dope large diameter silicon, particularly 150mm diameter, and in high volume production. PDS Products allow semiconductor fabricators to replace hazardous chemical dopants such as boron trichloride, boron tribromide, diborane, phosphorus oxychloride, and phosphine.



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