CHEMFAB® solutions are all about partnership. We work closely with customers to develop the longest-lasting, most consistent solutions for a broad range of unique applications.

ONESUIT® is the certified high-performance solution for hazardous materials responders who require maximum protection when responding to chemical hazards. ONESUIT® includes a range of hazmat suits and chemical protective clothing and accessories that assure maximum protection with unsurpassed comfort so users are able to carry out missions focusing only on the task at hand.

SHEERFILL® Architectural Membrane allows almost complete freedom of design and has been used in the construction of some of the most stunning, energy efficient sports facilities, transportation terminals and landmark buildings, as well as short span structures like canopies and skylight. Our membrane material allows architects the creative freedom to design buildings they could only dream of.  Its ability to transmit light brings an open, airy feeling of color-correct light indoors.  And its backlit luminosity at night creates a unique and dramatic architectural signature on the skyline.

SHEERGARD™ is the engineered radome solution for high performance aircraft and land-based radome applications for system integrators, manufacturers and operators who require maximum equipment, protection while optimizing system performance.

CORETECH® is a flexible composite technology that enables customized, high performance and cost effective solutions for users and manufacturers of products needing the highest level of chemical-biological barrier performance.

CHEMFILM® High Performance Films are fluoropolymer and polyimide films engineered for demanding applications. Applications include automotive surface protection, semiconductor encapsulation, wind blades manufacturing and process belting and casting to name a few.

FluoroWrap® Electrical Insulation is designed to improve cable performance in the harshest conditions, especially in the aerospace industry, where stringent safety and weight requirements are met and exceeded.